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DAQMAN on Sunday

‘RIFLES’ ON TARGET FOR 40-POINT JACKPOT WIN: Daqman edged a Saturday profit to take his three-day winning run to 60 points, thanks to Eton Rifles (WON 5-1), a 40-point Goodwood-handicap jackpot bet at a value 10.5 on Betdaq, almost double the SP.

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SHAMROCK on Sunday

‘SAM’ SOLE SATURDAY WINNER AFTER SPECTACULAR WEEK: Sam Bass (WON 9-4) held Shamrock’s head up yesterday but it was a quiet Saturday after his doubles during the week at 50-1 and 23-1 and his winning singles at 20-1, 16-1 and 14.0 (WON 11-2) on Betdaq.

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