BETDAQ uses cookies and similar tools across its website to improve the performance of the website so that our Customers’ experience is enhanced fully. By using the BETDAQ Website you agree to the use of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes we describe in this Cookie Policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website transfers to your hard drive to store and sometimes track information about you. There are several functions that cookies will serve. For example, they help us reCustomer Customers’ preferences from previous visits, manage the log in and secure ID so thereby assisting with the security of the site and cookies allow us to analyse the BETDAQ Website’s performance so that we can maintain and serve the highest standards to our Customers. However, cookies will never contain really important information personal to you such as passwords or credit/debit card information.

You can block some or all cookies by amending your internet browser settings using the “Internet Options” tab. Further details in how to do this are contained in the clause 8 below. However, by amending your cookie settings, you should note that the performance of the BETDAQ Website may be affected adversely. For example, after amending your settings, you may not be able to view the BETDAQ Website properly or may even not be able to place a bet.

Please note that by using the BETDAQ Website, you consent to the use of cookies.

BETDAQ use or may use the following cookies:
functional; or
targeted advertising cookies.

Essential Cookies

There are certain cookies that are essential to the operation of the BETDAQ Website and are required for Customers to be able to utilise the BETDAQ Website fully. Essential cookies allow, for example, BETDAQ to identify Customers and ensure that they can access the secure areas of the BETDAQ Website. Therefore, the removal of some or all cookies may impact on a Customer’s ability to log in, place bets, deposit funds or manage personal settings. Essential cookies will never be used to gather information that will be used by third parties to advertise to you or to reCustomer your preferences after you have exited from browsing the BETDAQ Website.

Performance Cookies

We use these cookies to analyse how our visitors and Customers use the BETDAQ Website and to monitor the performance of the BETDAQ Website. The cookies used to analyse performance are statistical and therefore no information is collected that will in any way identify a Customer. Typically, performance cookies will ascertain how well the site is performing by analysing certain aspects such as whether Customers encounter error messages, identifying the most popular pages that are visited.


Functional cookies allow us to reCustomer your preferences. Such preferences may include whether you prefer to bet using fractional rather than decimal odds, your preferred language to use when viewing the BETDAQ Website and the username used when registering an account. Functional cookies are also used to allow Customers watch video content and other such related material on the BETDAQ Website. Functional cookies do not gather information about you or your visit to the BETDAQ Website and they are not used to pass information on to third parties.

Targeted Advertising Cookies

These are cookies which BETDAQ and certain third parties, under direction and permission from BETDAQ, may use to serve advertisements or information that may be relevant to you or your interests based on your use of the BETDAQ Website. Although information may be shared with third parties for the purpose of targeted advertising, BETDAQ will not share personal information about you and therefore, your identity will not be revealed.

BETDAQ also uses third party analytics tools to help monitor traffic on the BETDAQ Website by analysing cookies that fall under the categories outlined above. The purpose of which is to ascertain information that will ultimately improve BETDAQ Website’s functionality, assist with market research to help deliver an improved service to Customers and to monitor Customers behaviour for internal research purposes.


You can find out more information about cookies at and If you have any queries relating to our cookie policy, please contact the helpdesk and your query will be directed accordingly.