If you are looking for a great sport to trade on BETDAQ, tennis offers many opportunities to potentially profit.

Tennis has long been regarded as one of the best sports to get a winning trade thanks to the wild swings in odds that can occur. So just how do you find a winning trade?

The key to trading tennis is how volatile the odds are. This occurs because of the strange scoring system and theoretically infinite length of matches. Because of this, favouritism can swap place many times during a match.

The first thing to note is that this is a two runner field. So if you can lay two runners at less than two you will profit, there is your core objective. But what actually makes the odds move?

Small movements in odds occur when a player wins a service game. Each game they win on serve moves them closer to closing out the match. Big movements in odds occur when a player has their serve broken, especially near the end of the match. A break in serve is significant because it hands the advantage to their opponent who will win the set if they hold their own serve. The chance of a break of serve is actually quite high given the right set-up. If a match is at 30-30 on serve then a failed first serve can set up a chance for the receiver to win a point on second serve, or perhaps the server will get a double fault? If that point is won then the receiver can go for a speculative shot on the next point and break. So you can see from that set-up, that only two points are needed for a break. Luck can have quite a hand to play in Tennis.

At the start of a set players settle down and try to hold serve and keep control of the match. However, if games are even later in the set, and a break of serve would see the current receiver go on to serve for the set, expect a few speculative efforts in that game. Experienced Tennis players will always dig deep at these points to pile the pressure on their opponent.

Laying at low odds can also be a rewarding experience with Tennis. Laying at 1.01 you only risk £1 for every £100 you lay and in a grand slam it’s actually quite common to see players drift significantly from such short odds. If a red hot favourite can’t break his opponent quickly then the odds will start to drift as the first set progresses. So you don’t even need a break for the odds to start moving.

With Wimbledon just around the corner use the last weekend of the French Open or the start of Queen’s to get some Tennis trading practice in!

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