Champions League Final Could Take Place At End Of August: UEFA are currently working on plans to finish the footballing season in Istanbul with the Champions League Final rumoured to take place on the 29th of August.

The governing body are planning to meet on the 23rd of April to try and find a schedule that works to finish the season. They have been discussing a number of options, but the two most likely options are;

Play the season as normal with the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals as two legged affairs, or play the fixtures as one-off clashes to try and save time. Both are open for discussion on the 23rd.

While the Champions League could be straightforward for UEFA, the Europa League won’t. All of the second leg ties in the Last 16 are yet to be played and two of those matches including Italian and Spanish sides who didn’t play their first legs. A lot will obviously depend on how Italy and Spain come out of the crisis, however with games certain to be behind closed doors perhaps these fixtures could be moved.

Four of the eight Champions League quarter-finalists are already known so that makes the Champions League planning less of a headache for UEFA and there is the issue of when domestic leagues return too. We will clearly have a situation where domestic leagues are back behind closed doors earlier in some countries compared to others. The Bundesliga already have plans to return in May, while La Liga, Serie A and the Premier League remain up in the air at the moment.

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