THREE WINNING DAYS IN A ROW: Clever baiting of his win stakes yesterday hooked enough (Mr Knightley WON evens) at Betdaq prices to ensure a third day with a profitable edge for Daqman yesterday. He’s plus 87 points since Monday.

Forget about Sepp Blatter. The unyielding opponent of goal-line electronics is a go-ahead genius alongside English racing authorities whose one man with a yellow flag caused mayhem at Wetherby yesterday.

The failure of this example of racing’s 21st-century high-tech, akin to the embarrassing false starts and the man who waved his flag too late at Aintree, could not go unpunished. It didn’t.

Authority’s latest punchbags, the jockeys, took the blame again. Nine riders were banned on a day when three more were sidelined because of the new whips rules. Total sin-bin tally? 12 persons, 107 days.

What next, mein fuhrer ? The old-school-tie brigade, the real failures of the hour, are bent on such divisiveness that we are now back to the master-and-servant days when a clunch trainer can complain of jockeys: ‘They want a good kick up the arse’ (read your Racing Post).

If I had two hours to spare, and a strong-enough stomach, I’d thumb through the yellow pages of ‘way forward’ tosh that the BHA and their PR boys produced – at great expense – ‘for the future of racing’. I would quote you the bit about ‘working together.’ But it’s too late.

Serious damage has been done. And is still to be done. Unchecked. Try being a journalist writing about the title race and stirring enthusiasm for Champions Day on Saturday when the sport is smarting from the whip and strangled by justice and injustice, the inevitable Janus faces of authoritarianism.

Racing’s rulers have never been called to account for their year-on-year levy cowardice, their failure to handle the Tote sale going back 40 years that I know of, their impotence over TV rights, their ‘planning’ of selling-plate midweek mediocrity (to mention only a few, as they say). Yes, let’s pull together. Let’s demand their white flag.

BRIGHTON: I’m trying to do the same trick as yesterday, where my stakes (to win 20 points) are so arranged that, if one of the big bets at Betdaq offers wins, then that return will at least cover the other bets.

Light Well (2.30) has done well on the gallops since a good run last time out. Magical Speedfit (5.00) has won five of his six races here and 7.0 this morning is good value on Betdaq.

UTTOXETER: Tony McCoy is booked by the track’s leading trainer, Don McCain, for the promising Mistoffelees (3.40 Uttoxeter).

WINCANTON: Tinalliat (3.50) is too big at 7.8. The mare will be set alight round this tight track, with her lightweight.

BET 13pts win LIGHT WELL (2.30 Brighton)
BET 14pts win MISTOFFELEES (3.40 Uttoxeter)
BET 2.9pts win TINALLIAT (3.50 Wincanton)
BET 3.1pts win MAGICAL SPEEDFIT (5.00 Brighton)

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