My brief is simple – to make multiple betting profitable for you and to highlight the great value that can be obtained on BETDAQ MULTIPLES compared to those bookie chappies.

If you haven’t placed a BETDAQ MULTIPLE yet – it’s dead easy – just think orange rather than purple. Log into your BETDAQ account – click the orange multiples tab and you can start building your perm. The good news is you can go cross sport (currently horse racing, football and rugby union) and are offered odds on the acca, doubles, trebles, Yankees etc).

Tuesday 19 July

MULTIMAN heads to Yarmouth on Tuesday.

5 point win double:

Yesterday: -3.00 (this month -8.14)

For a more comprehensive guide to BETDAQ MULTIPLES help page is reproduced below – but it’s time for the action to begin:

Each day I will provide my recommended bet – and a screen grab showing the prices at the time of writing – obviously the odds are subject to change.

Multiple Betting – BETDAQ HELP PAGE

BETDAQ was the first exchange to introduce MULTIPLE bets to exchange betting. You can view all markets that are multiple ‘enabled’ through a separate multiples portal. Click on the Multiples tab to access these markets.

A Multiple Bet is defined as individual bets which combine two or more selections in a single bet. The overall payout for a win (including the original stake) is equal to the stake multiplied by the product of the various odds.

To make the first choice in your Multiple simply go to the market and make a selection as if you were placing a single bet. There will only be 1 price box available for each selection. This selection will be added to the Multiples tab on the right side of your screen. It may be helpful to imagine this area as your shopping basket.

To add further selections to your Multiple, focus your mouse back on the main screen and select another bet of your choice, note you must leave the market you were in and enter any other market that is offering Multiple Bets. Only one selection per event can be added to a Multiple bet. For example your first selection could be on a horse race and your second on a soccer match. As you add selections to your Multiple you will see your shopping list grow. BETDAQ can support up to 7 selections in any Multiple Bet.

In order to get a quote of available prices for your Multiple click on the “Get Bet Types” button on the right of your screen. This will allow you to choose from all the possible Muliples that can be made from your chosen selections. For example if you have made three selections you will be offered the choice of 3 doubles and 1 treble. A full description of all the bets available can be found below.

Once you have chosen your Bet Type, you can enter your stake on the Bet Slip click “Place Bet”. This will prompt a Bet Verification screen, verify all the details of your Multiple Bet are correct and click “Confirm Bet”. This will open a Bet Receipt that you can keep for your personal records.

Multiple Bet Types Offered:

You can combine up to 7 selections in different events to make a Double, Treble, 4-fold, 5-Fold right up to a 7-fold. In making a selection, you are choosing to back that selection, please note it is not possible to lay a selection as part of a multiple bet. All selections must win for the multiple bet to be settled as a winner.

Commission payable is calculated at 5% of winnings per multiple bet for all customers.

You can combine up to 7 selections in different events to make a Double, Treble, 4-fold, 5-Fold right up to a 7-fold. In the event of one or more of your selections not taking part your bet will be regarded as having one less leg i.e. a treble becomes a double etc.

All selections in multiple bets including related contingencies are subject to BETDAQ rules. Full details can be found by clicking on the ABOUT US section of your account and by clicking on Terms & Conditions – The Company Rules.

For three or more selections, you can take all combinations to make a ‘Trixie’ (4 bets, 3 doubles and a treble), ‘Yankee’ (11 bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a 4-fold) or ‘Super Yankee’ (26 bets, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 4-folds and 1 5-fold). In these combinations each of the bets is settled separately.