PUNDIT NAME: Greg Walker, BETDAQ Spokesperson


WHEN IS COPY AVAILABLE: Once or Twice weekly dependent on match schedules

Like Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson you don’t need to have been a great player to be  a great manager and I feel this also equates  to the betting side of the beautiful game. Having been lucky enough to have  spent twenty years in the gambling industry I have gained valuable experiences which have enabled me to keep my nose just in front of the bookies and I intend to keep it there! Sport and sports betting has always been a part of my life with horse racing and football at the top of my passions and betting tree.

The birth of BETDAQ ten years ago has been a great asset to all sports bettors giving us the choice and chance to make a profit before the game or race is even finished.  On my weekly columns I will be concentrating mainly on Spain’s ‘La Liga’ and then other European and International competitions. In recent years the introduction of so many new television channels and on-line web sites gives us all the chance to watch and enjoy the different styles of football from around the globe and for all football fans who are as passionate about the game as I am then this is very welcome indeed. I sincerely hope my analysis and advice can assist Betdaq members to get into a position to make a profit on their initial investments and remember, if you win I win!


Never bet with your heart, if you think your home team are too short and may lose, LAY THEM. If you get into a position to save your initial stake in–running , you should.

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