Last weekend was a technology test for me as I took a break from sitting in front of the television vegetating and went to Bradford to watch the International Professional Pool Players Association (IPA) English Pool Open and English Pool Amateur Championships, so now you know a little more about me – I am a big fan of pool even though I can’t play it very well but I can still watch and appreciate the best players in the world, and I had a great time!

Although I had to keep the volume low for obvious reasons, or sit there wearing headphones, I took my I-pad and mi-fi with me and although a little worried about a signal, all was good on the day and I sat there placing bets and watching the rugby, while watching the pool with my other eye – who says men can’t multi task? Anyway, running through my bets (the BETDAQ app is so much better than most out there and that’s a fact), I did pull off my short priced Rugby Union treble and with the odds as short as they were, the chance to get out early was never really worth considering. To be honest though, that was as good as it got with my one racing bet (Ask Dad) trading at a less than expected 4.3 with BETDAQ (the best I could get), and as he never even got to the front despite finishing runner up, I could not get out at a profit and I lost a whole point out of my Rugby profit which just isn’t good enough! Sadly I soon knew my fate in the tennis with Federer hopelessly outclassed and I am afraid retirement beckons as I just cannot see him scrapping around in semis for too long, while my golf long shot did well, getting through the cut and finishing 27th in the end, but as I had backed him at 49.5 the win and 10.0 the place (thank you BETDAQ layers), I had already got out at 29.9 and 8.0 respectively, so I really didn’t care, and for once, that worked out to be a wise move.

Moving onto the Euros and I am yet to have a match bet but now we know the must win scenarios we can at least try to work out who the best team is in each match assuming both sides have to go for it. My top goal scorer bet of last week on Jelavic is still OK with one goal after one game and if you want to get out you can (BETDAQ now 41.0 to back 43.0 to lay), but as it was only a small bet I am tempted to wait as if he scores again we could make a half sensible profit.

Looking forward now and time to put my neck on the line yet again, and football has served me well over the years so we will start there. Patriotic as I am, I do feel we defended well against France, riding our luck at times, so does anyone think the Ukraine have a defence who can cope with wave after wave of attacks like we did, because I don’t? With France wanting to win this to ease their passage through to the last eight we can be certain they will attack, and although 2.12 with BETDAQ is not the biggest price in the world, I am fairly confident of a winning bet.

Talking of defending, can the Greeks implode for the third time in a row against Russia on Saturday night? I suspect the answer could be a resounding yes and as the Russians have looked as good as most teams so far in this tournament, even the 1.8 with BETDAQ looks worth taking.

Golf is next on my hit list, and as I made a profit last week with a hit and run betting tactic, (back and lay), I will try the same this week when I am told by my golfing fanatic friend that Nicolas Colsaerts has each way chances despite his massive price as I write of 106 on BETDAQ (sorry but I took 190 yesterday). I doubt he wins but he looks worthy of a small win bet at a massive price and if he makes the cut and is still there on day three, we should be able to lay the bet at a much shorter price.

As always, I cannot let a week go by without a bet on the horses and for anyone who has been on holiday on the South Pole or Mars, it’s Royal Ascot next week from Tuesday onwards. To be fair, the fields are not really public knowledge just yet but we do have two superstars to look forward to who should be worth putting together in a double at least. 1.18 for Frankel and 1.37 for Black Caviar doesn’t really add up to much, but they do both look as near to certainties as we can get in this game, the two best horses (officially) in the world at one race meeting, and I am happy to lump on the double. Two other horses already stand out at the meeting (but do wait until the day to be sure they are running), when small bets may yet pay off. Globe trotting Ortensia may add a UK victory to her recent successes in her native Australia and in Dubai on World Cup night, via the Kings Stand Stakes on Tuesday at 3.05pm, and has to be worth a point, while my Irish friends tell me that Cristoforo Colombo is the likeliest winner of the Coventry Stakes, so another point for me – I Might even win enough to buy the wife a new hat!!

This week’s suggested bets (odds correct at the time of writing):

3pts Win FRANCE to beat Ukraine Friday evening at BETDAQ odds of 2.12

1pt Win NICOLAS COLSAERTS to win the US Open at BETDAQ odds of 106.0 or bigger with the intention of laying at a shorter price if he makes the cut.

Horse Racing:
4pts Win Double FRANKEL 2.30pm Royal Ascot Tuesday 19th June at BETDAQ odds of at least 1.18 and BLACK CAVIAR 3.45pm Royal Ascot Saturday 23rd June at BETDAQ odds of at least 1.38
1pt Win ORTENSIA 3.05pm Royal Ascot Tuesday 19th June at BETDAQ odds of at least 5.5
1pt Win CRISTOFORO COLOMBO 4.25pm Royal Ascot Tuesday 19th June

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