Sometimes I just have to sit back and marvel at modern technology and the way it not only makes life a whole lot easier but quicker and (in theory) more profitable as well. This week past I started with a decent enough weekend thanks to a very profitable golf bet (I backed Nicolas Colsaerts on BETDAQ at 106.0 and laid him after he made the cut and sat in a challenging position at a considerably shorter 15.5), which was a positive follow up to the decent bet I had on France to beat Ukraine at 2.12 – happy days indeed and enough profit to suggest a trip to Royal Ascot was just what the doctor ordered. Heading off with my I-Pad (though any tablet will do), it came naturally to me to look for a spot of value if I could find it, so naturally I went along the rails for every bet looking for the best value options. I can say in all honesty that every bet except one was better value on BETDAQ, though that sadly did not help any of my horses to win (or even get too close to bothering the judge), and as for the “one”, well that was laughable. Trainer John Dunlop is not having a very good year I am sorry to say but I still wanted to back Nawwaar and saw the T*t* price was actually bigger than BETDAQ so I joined the queue at their counter, learning a couple of lessons at the same time! Lesson one was to remember that their price is variable and you can’t take it, and the second was that their queue is so long I nearly died of boredom waiting to get served! On the bright side, though, that meant his price had shrunk so I abandoned the idea and went back online to find BETDAQ were now by far the bigger price, though as he ran a stinker many would say so what lol?

Before I move forward I have to say that if you do like your racing and you get the chance to see Frankel in the flesh, I urge you to do so. Watching him tear apart a field of quality milers was certainly an “I was there” moment, one to remember and cherish. Whenever a horse wins, someone on course will go wild but in this case pretty much everybody began to applaud – we all realised we had seen something special and were unlikely to ever see his equal in our lifetimes. Willie Carson suggested be is the best horse anyone has ever seen or ever will see, and although it is impossible to accurately compare different generations, I am inclined to agree with Dancing Brave, Dubai Millennium, and perhaps Triptych next on my list.

Moving forward and I am now boycotting anything Swedish (so no herring for me), after they beat the French 2-0 and torpedoed my large bet on the French to top the group, leaving plenty of BETDAQ layers celebrating and spending my cash! Being English through and through I am delighted we qualified, but second would have done me as I wanted the best of both worlds. So far, the football has been way more entertaining than I imagined and I can but hope the remaining games are as exciting to watch. With Czech Republic-Portugal played last night, England-Italy tempting fate, and Spain-France too tight to call, that leaves me with Germany-Greece, which seems like a foregone conclusion. Not wishing to offend anyone, but until their last game Greece were easily the worst team I have seen all tournament and if Germany fail to win here then it will be the biggest shock since David beat Goliath. 1.38 is hardly a price to get over excited about so I have had a look around at all the other bets and decided that the Asian Handicap market looked to add a bit of spice for a Friday night. Unlike days of old, the Germans keep coming forward and rarely insist on shutting up shop and the -1.5 goals odds of 2.12 with BETDAQ looks the value call – if they win by two goals or more we collect and that looks to be where my money will be going.

Moving on to Rugby Union and it may be worth another short odds treble (it worked the other week) when Wales England and Ireland all play away in the Southern Hemisphere. The away teams have performed admirably so far but injuries are now kicking in and even at short odds, a home win treble looks in order and will be one of my bets this week when we have plenty of sport but precious little that leaps out to me. Horse racing continues at Royal Ascot but so far my week has been a disaster so we will not be gong three, leading me to golf for my final bit of action (well, it worked last week so why not have another go?). My esteemed little white ball loving friends (who gave us a close run last week and a decent back to lay profit) tell me that the BETDAQ price of 156.0 is plain ridiculous for John Merrick (wasn’t he the elephant man?), and he has a far better chance than those odds imply. Personally, I like the idea of backing him at a massive price to small stakes and then getting out at a profit if he makes the cut and once again, that will be my suggestion here.

This week’s suggested bets (odds correct at the time of writing):

1pt Win GERMANY to beat Greece by more than 1.5 goals on the Asian Handicap at BETDAQ odds of 2.12 Friday night

Rugby Union:
2pts Win Treble AUSTRALIA to beat Wales (1.6), NEW ZEALAND to beat Ireland (1.11), and SOUTH AFRICA to beat England (1.3) Saturday, all odds with BETDAQ

1pt Win JOHN MERRICK to win the Travelers Tournament (US Tour) this weekend at BETDAQ odds of 156.0 – back to lay at a shorter price if he makes the cut.

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