I hate to be proved wrong (even though it happens more often than I would like), but I admit I loved the Olympics more than I thought I would and sort of miss it now that it’s gone – though as a betting spectacle it left my BETDAQ account worse off by the end and I really must start to focus on the sports I think I understand! That said, golf is another sport I am not too hot on (or at!) but the back to lay advice on Adam Scott paid off in spades as I took the 21.0 to win and laid him off at 8.2 – happy days indeed, and I only wish every get I ever placed went quite as smoothly!

Bragging over, I have to admit that my other bets were not as successful despite nicking all the best BETDAQ prices I could find, with Redressthebalance letting me down on the horses, but then she wasn’t the only one. One advantage of being anonymous is that I can admit to going racing I-pad in hand and sneakily betting with BETDAQ (I mean, who doesn’t want the best prices), and last week I headed off to Lingfield and quickly wished I hadn’t! Getting the best prices is a number one target but they have to win (or place) to make that of any relevance and I had a bit of a nightmare to be honest, though it wasn’t the best card ever and at least I kept my stakes lower than I could have done. A third in the opener (which I failed to back each way) set the tone for the entire evening, as it was followed by a second a third and a nowhere (that I did back win and place), so all I can say is thank heavens for previous winnings! As is often the case personally, Roger Varian came to my rescue thank to Baheeja (11/4 SP but 4.0 for me on BETDAQ), but by now my bet size was shrinking and it was more of a damage limitation exercise. Football is the other sport I follow almost religiously and I waited for the Italy England game with some anticipation – I am one of those who would like to see most of the old guard retired and to give some of our talented youngsters a chance, so last night I felt almost obliged to put my money where my mouth is. I rarely mention my family here but I owe them for last night as they kept me talking over a meal and I missed the kick off and the early prices on England to win long enough for them to be 1§-0 down by the time I got on the laptop! Ever the optimist (though to small stakes sadly), I was happy to see the BETDAQ layers out in force and stole a little 9.0 which I must say was very unpatriotic lol? As we now l know, England went on to win but I have to confess that after the equaliser was happy to lay my bet back off at 3.2 and lock in a guaranteed profit when I most needed one.

Talking of football, the new season kicks off this weekend and I doubt I am the only one who can hardly wait? With transfers popping up on my computer almost hourly, second guessing what team will even take to the pitch is a tricky one but then that is half the fun and I admit I will be getting seriously involved. After the management merry-go-round we are struggling to even guess how some of the teams will try to play, but that should, in theory, balance the odds – and make it even more fun than normal. Small doubles and a treble make sense to me (we can’t lose much that way), though naturally that points us in an odds on direction. Arsene Wenger must go down in history as one of the best managers of all time (and that comes from an Everton supporter), and if anyone can sort out a side that has amazingly become a selling club, then he is the man. New players are there and with Sunderland a lot quieter in the transfer market, a home win at BETDAQ odds of 1.42 has to be a good starting point. Suggesting a bet on Liverpool is not something I do lightly as a blue but West Bromwich Albion could struggle this season in my opinion, and with a new manager to impress and a decent enough nucleus of players with something to prove, the 2.0 with BETDAQ for an away win is a little too tempting. Lastly, I do think that the 1.6 on BETDAQ for Chelsea to win at Wigan on Sunday is a little bit too big with all their multi million pound signings, and I will add them in to what has now turned in to a trixie!

Golf has also served us well of late and I am happy to go in again to try and sneak a profit from the Wyndham Championship played at the Sedgefield Country Club (not the UK racecourse!). Backing to lay certainly seems the way to go when we get this right and I will try the same trick with 36.0 shot (thank you BETDAQ layers), David Toms who has as good a chance as any in my eyes. With the “big boys” missing here I feel he has every chance, and a little internet research tells me he likes this course and comes here as the seventh most accurate driver this season which must surely help on a course where below par scores are expected.

To end with, I can never resist a small bet on the horses and on Saturday we have the strange sight of an all grey handicap from Newmarket due off at 2.45pm. It is a mightily competitive handicap but we all need a bit of novelty now and again so throwing a point at Rylee Mooch each way at a big price could yet pay decent rewards. Trainer Richard Guest is pretty adept at placing horses to the best effect and pulling off the odd gamble for connections, and this four year old won cleverly last time out over the minimum trip though the fact that he is yet to score over this six furlongs after eleven attempts had to be a concern and limit my bets accordingly!

This week’s suggested bets (odds correct at the time of writing):

1pt win Trixie (three doubles and a treble) – Arsenal 1.42, Liverpool 2.0 and Chelsea 1.6 (all prices with BETDAQ)

2pts Win David Toms Wyndham Championship at BETDAQ odds of 36.0 (to be laid off at a shorter price when possible)

Horse Racing:
Half point each way Rylee Mooch 2.45pm Newmarket Saturday

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