Well I have dusted off my lucky socks (as you do) after a not up to my usual high standards couple of weeks and I have redoubled my efforts to use all the technology I can find, but will that guarantee us any winners – I am not convinced?

One concept for boosting my betting bank was to sign up to The Racing Post I-Pad App for the free month trial, though how they are going to get away with £24.99 after the trial ends is beyond me, especially when there is no special deal in place as yet for those of us who already pay an arm and a leg for the full internet access? Anyway, the theory is I now have even more information at my tech savvy fingertips but if its bad information, who cares? For example, I have read their Newmarket gallop reports and they imply that the Michael Bell trained Hoyam is working well at home in which case she should run a big race in the opener this Friday afternoon from Doncaster? Now I am not brave enough to back her (well, maybe), and certainly not confident in others opinions anymore to suggest her, here but it will be interesting to see how she gets on regardless?

Away from the official racing press I am also regularly bombarded with various systems and get rich quick schemes by e mail (you know the sort of thing – last year I was penniless, now I drive a Ferrari and so on), and I wondered if anyone had any experience of such things? Personally, I have to question why they would sell a fool proof winner finding system to anyone else, but I am here to be put in my place and it is never too old to learn if I have that all wrong?

Talking of “all wrong”, my idea of using the FIFA rankings to predict the winners got us three out of four in the odds on accumulator (I am never going to Iceland after they beat Norway and ruined my bet), but have to confess it failed dismally in predicting any draws and I left my laptop with my tail between my legs. Luckily for me I was at a snooker tournament in Gloucester all weekend and failed to find the time for too many other bets but at the moment, I get the distinct feeling that if I backed Frankel he would find a way to lose his unbeaten record!

Looking ahead with a smile (the only way is up), and the football is back to something near to normal this weekend but as I seem to fancy more outsiders than favourites for a change, we had better keep any bets on the small side. Starting at the top of the football tree (the English Premiership), I do think West Ham are overpriced to win away at Norwich who seem to be struggling from what I have seen, all be most of it on Match Of The Day? 3.3 on BETDAQ is more than just tempting and instead of being greedy, I may rebuild with a few one-point bets instead this week. With Arsenal failing to shine so far with their new look strike force and Southampton impressing me I do feel the 10.8 to win away at the Emirates is not beyond the realms of possibility. However, being a chicken I will play safe instead and have a point on the draw at BETDAQ odds of 5.5 though expect some cursing next week if Southampton win. Lastly for the Premiership, I will have my obligatory “top three treble” on Chelsea (2.1 away to Queens Park Rangers), Manchester City (1.85 on BETDAQ away to Stoke), and Manchester United (1.35 at home to Wigan), who ought to pay off and make up for any other losers!

Moving down to the Championship and I wonder if a similar theory may pay off – shall we find out? Blackpool, Blackburn, and Nottingham Forest lead the way as things stand as they all attempt to get back to the top table and the riches that ensue. Backing them in a treble seems to make a little sense, and as they are well priced, a point treble will do for me. Blackpool are priced at 2.3 with BETDAQ to win at Barnsley, Blackburn are 2.8 with BETDAQ at Bristol City, and Nottingham Forest are 2.3 at home to Birmingham (which is the one I am most worried about).

Changing sport to horse racing and Camelot is all the rage to take the St Leger on Saturday afternoon, and on all known form he is a shoe in. If he lived in an era without Frankel he would be the news headline to be fair, and very few horses even manage the 2000 Guineas/Derby double, let alone even attempt the third leg of the Triple Crown over a mile and three quarters. It takes some trainer to keep any horse on the go from May at Newmarket to September at Doncaster and I wish him the best of luck, but with so many doubts about his stamina.

I am happy to oppose him but cannot work out who with? Bottom line is I cannot decide, so at odds of 1.4 the favourite on BETDAQ as I write, I think I will just have a small lay bet at the price with little damage done if he does write his name in the history books?

To end with, and it is just a silly bet, but anyone who has ever met any South African sportsman or woman knows that they do not take defeat very well and are renowned for their patriotism. I realise that doesn’t make them any better but it does make them a dangerous opponent, and the BETDAQ odds of 9.2 for South Africa to beat New Zealand at Rugby Union Saturday morning is a little too generous. After losing to Australia they have made two changes (one forced) and are quite rightly the underdogs here, but that is exactly how they like it and it is not a case that I think they will win, more that they are excellent value in the circumstances.

This week’s suggested bets (odds correct at the time of writing):

1pt on each:
WEST HAM to win at Norwich at BETDAQ odds of 3.3
SOUTHAMPTON and ARSENAL to draw at BETDAQ odds of 5.5
1pt Win Treble – CHELSEA to win at Queens Park Rangers (2.1 with BETDAQ), MANCHESTER CITY to win at Stoke (1.85 BETDAQ prices), and MANCHESTER UNITED to win at home to Wigan at BETDAQ odds of 1.35)
1pt Win Treble – BLACKPOOL to win at Barnsley (BETDAQ odds of 2.3), BLACKBURN to win at Bristol City (2.8 BETDAQ prices), and Nottingham Forest to beat Birmingham (2.3 BETDAQ odds).

Horse Racing
1pt LAY bet CAMELOT 3.40pm Doncaster Saturday at BETDAQ odds of 1.4

Rugby Union International Saturday morning
Half point win SOUTH AFRICA to beat New Zealand at BETDAQ odds of 9.2

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