THE BETDAQ PUNTER returns with his usual mix of looking back on the highs and lows of his betting week on BETDAQ and looking forward to this weekend.

Our intrepid BETDAQ PUNTER has a bet in the racing, football and baseball.

So how did his punting week and systems fare last week ?


A day at the races is never to be sniffed at and when work are paying for it, how much better can life get? A double decker bus at Epsom on Oaks days isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but add free food and drink and it takes on a whole new sparkle, so thank you boss four our summer party. All my colleagues have a stupid notion I know what I am talking about (did you see the Epsom card?) so most of my bets will be placed elsewhere, though thank goodness for a top notch phone signal so I could use my tablet and my all singing all dancing BETDAQ app. I hate to admit this but I did not have one single bet at Epsom until persuaded to on the last race (and I would not have had a single winner so it was a very wise decision), preferring to stick to my silly rules elsewhere. Laying odds on shots did not touch the Surrey venue, though while I was there I laid Dalgig at 2.0, Oyster Shell at the same price, and backed the favourites on the dogs (stop at a winner) for small change though to be fair, I did have to stake six losers before clearing my profit, so be warned! As the day turned to evening, there were a few other odds on shots including Wahaab who won easily at odds of 1.55, but overall, another profit on the simplest of systems. That said, not everything in the garden is ever rosy and my double from last week went down the pan on leg one when some below par batting saw New Zealand see off England in the One Day International with a load to spare in a very one sided and frankly embarrassing competition.


A poor start to my day saw the British Lions run riot against the Barbarians for an easy and morale boosting victory but no use to me and my small bet on the outsiders at BETDAQ odds of 6.4 but as has been the case away from the horses, the layers knew best. Odds on shorts were on the books again, though St Nicholas Abbey hardly helped, but at odds of 1.35 I was never going bust lol! Ian’s Dream lost at BETDAQ odds of 1.3, Justice Day 2.0, Blhadawa 1.45, Haadeeth 2.0, Classy Lassy 1.78, all going my way and only Another Hero (2.0) and Garryleigh (the same 2.0) adding to St Nick in the negative box. I know it can’t last, you know it can’t last, but make hay while the sun shines is my new motto!


Always a quiet punting day for me though I confess, this laying of the odds on has got me totally hooked as a money making scheme so I feel the need to continue. Before the, the greyhounds came calling and my other “plan” of staking carefully and stopping at a winner. It didn’t take long to be fair (first race from Belle Vue saw Trap 5 score at odds of 2.55 and job done yet again), so back to the horses for the rest of the day. Sadly, no odds on shots today (sad but true), so all I had left was the football. England may be my love but money talks and the 1.55 on BETDAQ for a Brazil win was too tempting (had the layers even seen the England team lol?), but I got that horribly wrong and one winner out of two bets will have to do today.


A boring start to my day led me on to the BETDAQ site to have a look at the greyhounds in the morning with Hall Green and Sheffield my venues of choice. Betting to win a set figure and following the favourites (stopping at a winner) is about as much a I know about the Mutts to be honest, but with the first jolly obliging yet again (Dangeray Evie, BETDAQ odds of 3.6, 11.03 Hall Green), so the action and excitement didn’t last long, but money is money and all the more to bet with next time! As for the horses, handicaps invariably mean a better priced favourite so I employed the same tactics and would you believe exactly the same result (well, with an even better price)? 3.00pm Chepstow many mean precious little to most punters but the Six Furlong Bathwick Tyres Handicap saw Gabrial’s Gift win by two lengths under Jim Crowley at BETDAQ odds of 5.3 and I walked away with a massive profit – and a beaming smile on my face as well. As a superstitious sort I decided that was enough for today – though American sports are on my radar for later in the week now the domestic footie is over – time for a beer!


Much to the annoyance of any American readers, I see Baseball as Rounders for those on the other side of the Atlantic, but as I am never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, a betting opportunity needs to be investigated at the very least. An amazing twenty-one games were taking place overnight/Wednesday so I felt stop at a winner was again the best way forward? That said, the start and finish times made that an impossibility so all I could do was back them ALL with favourite the obvious option which in turn left me with winners at 1.72 1.65 1.5 1.69 1.62 1.7 1.58 1.54 1.65 1.86 1.83 1.56 1.43 1.78 and losers at 1.61 1.74 1.81 1.64 1.58 1.9 for a total profit (after all those bets) of just over three points – not a fortune, but more money to play with tomorrow on whatever sport I choose?


Busy busy busy today as I am going to try to have a few bets on greyhounds, horses, and even football if I can get myself organised enough that is. Morning greyhounds kick off the day and once again I am aiming at favourite backing to win a point, stop at a winner. Four races went by with the punters choices failing dismally until 2.82 shot Dads Lad took the 11.34 at hall Green and I could stop sweating until the horses. A double whammy of laying the odds on and backing handicap favourites (remember – stop at a winner) saw four losers followed by a 2.55 winner on BETDAQ for a (worried but successful) set of bets, though the odds on were not quite so brilliant with two winners (1.99 and 1.95) and three losers for a small profit – but anything is better than nothing. As for the football, patriotism can be an expensive emotion as I found out when backing the England U-21’s to beat the Italians, snapping up plenty at 3.1 and 3.0 – though I should have know better. Completely outplayed from the little I could be bothered to watch, they lost 0-1 but my bets went south before I had time for my cocoa!


Sadly, I had a really busy day at work which failed to involve a lunch break (boooo) but I did get a bet on the greyhounds via the I-pad and when Trap One Downtown Ace took the 11.03 at Sunderland (BETDAQ odds 3.35), my money was made for the day. Evening baseball only saw the two matches so as I understand zilch about the game I went in on the favourites yet again. BETDAQ odds of 1.55 were taken for the chances of the Detroit Tigers who saw off the Tampa Bay Rays 5-2, while the Baltimore Orioles beat the Houston Astros as expected at odds of 1.68 so job done yet again.

Bet of the week – Horse racing handicap favourites is the one idea that put the most in to the bank this week.
Disaster of the week – Disaster of the week – England Under 21’s losing to Italy – I should have known better!

Something for the weekend:
A quiet weekend on the horses sees me placing just the one certain bet (though I will play with the favourites as above if I get the time), with the Richard Hannon trained Professor top of my list ahead of the Sandy Lane Stakes at 4.25pm. The son of Byron had any amount in hand when winning at Ascot last time out and deserves the step up to this class and if he is in the same frame of mind, it is hard to see who can stop him here?

Football will see my allowing my patriotism to get the better of me yet again but more importantly, England NEED to beat Norway to try and get through tier group and that should be enough for them to land the odds of about 1.65 or so on BETDAQ.

Lastly, Baseball has been good to me so far – but deciding which ones to bet on just doesn’t work so we need to back them all! Eight bets of a quarter point only adds up to two points in total (and I will be amazed if we fail to get a return), so that’s the way I will suggest playing it for now, on the favourites on the day in Toronto v Texas, New York v Miami, Chicago v Pittsburgh, Washington v Minnesota, Detroit v Cleveland, Chicago v Oakland, Seattle v New York, and Tampa Bay v Baltimore -enjoy!

This week’s suggested bets (all prices with BETDAQ and correct at the time of writing):

Horse Racing Saturday
2pts Win Professor 4.25pm Haydock

Football Saturday
2pts Win England to beat Norway European U-21

Baseball Saturday
Favourites to Win – Toronto v Texas, New York v Miami, Chicago v Pittsburgh, Washington v Minnesota, Detroit v Cleveland, Chicago v Oakland, Seattle v New York, and Tampa Bay v Baltimore

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