INDIA v NEW ZEALAND: Our cricket tipster The Edge previews Friday’s World Test Championship Final between India v New Zealand with a recommended BETDAQ bet.


India and New Zealand have a chance to create a bit of history on Friday as it’s the first ever World Test Championship Final! There’s been a lot of opinions in the build-up to this Test like the venue and the fact it’s a once off Test. I’m sure as things go on the Championship will change a little, but it has added some very badly needed context to Test cricket and I would suggest it’s been a big success. It would be nice to have the game at a better venue, nothing against the Ageas Bowl in Southampton, but it’s understandable because of Covid19 they have the hotel on site – Lords was never really a possibility.

The Indian coach Ravi Shastri and the captain Virat Kohli both said a best of three series would be better after two years to get here, but from a fans point of view the once off Test is fantastic. You can tell how much importance India are putting on this from their interviews. India might be marginal favourites, but New Zealand come into the Final in superb form. They’ve just beaten England in their own back yard, and would have likely won both Tests bar the weather at Lords. Their bowling has been superb, and with their batters in good form they will be very tough to beat.

The ICC have come out and said the teams will share the Championship if it’s a draw, so that will definitely have an effect on trading on BETDAQ Betting Exchange. There won’t be any risky declarations from the sides and if the time comes, both would be happy with a draw if they were behind in the game. India have a fantastic side, but you have to say New Zealand couldn’t arrive into the game any better. They have had key experience over the last few weeks and although the Indian attack is very good, are they better than England in their own conditions? Whatever happens, a fascinating Test match awaits and hopefully we don’t have a draw and we actually have a World Test Champion!


I have to say it’s great to have a neutral venue as we won’t have any major instructions for the pitch. If it was in India, we’d have a big spinning track and New Zealand would have a green seamer! The head groundsman has said that the ICC have basically asked for a good pitch that offers an even contest. He said he is aiming for pace, bounce and carry – and then went on to say we might have spin towards the end of the game. Because of Covid, we actually had three Tests here in 2020. West Indies beat England in the first Test here with the highest score being 318 over the four innings. Then we had two draws between Pakistan and England. We had a bad light delay that changed the way cricket was viewed and then in the Test afterwards England scored 583 in their first innings but Pakistan held on for a draw with a bit of rain around too. I can see this wicket being a classic Test wicket whereby when you get in it gets easy, but getting in is tricky. This will likely suit New Zealand who have played in England for the last few weeks.


My first thought here is I wouldn’t be keen to lay the draw. I can’t see very low scores here, and we should see the team batting first still batting on day two. That will likely mean the draw price comes under pressure at some point, and if we do have an even pitch then it’s likely to trade shorter at some point anyway. I wouldn’t fancy a draw trade if India were batting first however, New Zealand bowlers were in excellent form against England. I know there isn’t much in it between the two sides, but for me New Zealand should be favourites. The 2.54 looks too big – they have so much going for them heading into this game. I know India are a top side, but New Zealand have been excellent in English conditions. Their batters are in top form, and their bowlers were well on top. They could easily catch India cold here too, but everything seems to line up perfectly for New Zealand here.

The Edge Says:
Three points win New Zealand to beat India at 2.54 with BETDAQ Betting Exchange

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As I said above, I’d expect a good bit of movement on the draw price early. I won’t be “looking” for a draw trade, but if New Zealand batted first I would expect the draw price to come in as they set a good score. I would be less keen on the draw if India bat first, as I believe New Zealand will definitely be stronger in the bowling department. Although New Zealand were very good with the bat against England, their top order was excellent – I would be keen to take on their mid-to-lower order if they come under pressure and New Zealand lose early wickets. The top order is in such good form it’s hard to see that happening, however.

It’s been a while now since India played Test cricket, and they could easily bat poorly too. They lost their opening Test in the England series at the start of the year, but then won the next three. No wonder the India camp would like a best of three series. I must say India haven’t scored 400+ in a while in Test cricket, and I’d be happy to take on their batting order here too. I think New Zealand will be well on top in this match.