THE EDGE: The Edge previews Sunday’s IPL clash between Rajasthan Royals v Kolkata Knight Riders with a recommended BETDAQ bet.

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Rajasthan Royals v Kolkata Knight Riders


We have a massive IPL double header on Betdaq Betting Exchange as everything is on the line in the race for the top two spots on Sunday! Sunrisers Hyderabad meet Punjab Kings earlier in the day, but the focus is on Rajasthan Royals against Kolkata Knight Riders in a top of the table clash. It’s funny the way the fixture list can throw up these things – what is the final game of the group stage could easily be the first playoff game as these two come into today sitting in the top two spots. Kolkata Knight Riders are certain of top spot, but it is Rajasthan Royals who will be the nervous side today after four straight losses.

Of course, by the time this game starts Rajasthan could already know their faith. Sunrisers Hyderabad start the day one point behind them, so a Punjab Kings win would end all the drama before it’s even started. It was unfortunate for the Sunrisers that they had their game rained off this week – we made it all the way to the final week without losing a game and then to have rain at the key week is frustrating but here we are. KKR have been the best side in the tournament – their bowling has improved as the tournament has gone on and they seem to be peaking at the right time after going around the park towards the start of the tournament.

Rajasthan have played top cricket too; but it’s clear they have lost momentum over the last two weeks. I wouldn’t say that they have played bad cricket at the start of that run because they scored over 200 runs both times but their bowlers let them down. Confidence in sport is a funny thing though, because questions started being asked and then their batting has failed them. If Sunrisers win, this game is absolutely massive for them – with no Jos Buttler at the top of the order they really need to have two chances at getting into the Final.


Rajasthan have played their home games at their usual ground in Jaipur this season but they scheduled their final two home games in Guwahati. In fairness, they do get great support here and they had two games here last season too. Unfortunately for them, their first game was a losing one – just like last year against Punjab Kings too! Rajasthan only managed 144/9 and Punjab chased it down – only five balls to spare would suggest to not be expecting a big score here. However, the KKR batting has just been superb all season – you know they are going to try smash it to all parts if they bat first!


I’m writing this before knowing the Sunrisers result, but you would imagine that the odds might bounce around here off the back of that. There will be a large part of the IPL fanbase that back Rajasthan in a “need to win” situation, and Sunrisers are around 1.55 to beat Punjab Kings too so we could easily get that situation. That’s actually the shortest price I’ve seen at this IPL! KKR are the favourites here at 1.86 and I feel that is a value price – Rajasthan just aren’t firing at the moment and they are there for the taking, especially with their star man Jos Buttler at the top of the order. The KKR bowling has improved recently too which is an added bonus – we might see a bigger price and I would top up if that was the case, but for the time being I’m happy with a small bet at 1.86.

The Edge Says:
Two points win Kolkata Knight Riders to beat Rajasthan Royals at 1.86 on Betdaq Exchange

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Because we have such a limited data sample from this ground, we simply cannot go into the game with any set in-running strategies based off ground conditions. Scoring was low here in the first game, but a sample of one isn’t much to go off. I would definitely go into this game with an open mind, however there are too areas I want to focus on. I’m keen to take on the Rajasthan openers; losing Buttler is a huge blow and obviously that opens the door for KKR to attack for early wickets. The KKR bowling is peaking at the right time too. I also want to support the KKR batting; they have just been immense at this IPL and in a no risk situation here I can see them swinging from the hips and posting a very good score if they bat first.

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