IPL: Our cricket tipster The Edge previews Saturday’s IPL game between Kolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers Hyderabad with a recommended BETDAQ bet.

Kolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers Hyderabad


We’re ticking down to the final stages of the Indian Premier League now and we have a crunch fixture on Saturday afternoon on BETDAQ Betting Exchange. Kolkata Knight Riders take on Sunrisers Hyderabad in a must win game for both sides. I would suggest that their chances of a Playoff finish are already gone, but we’ve seen impossible things happen in the IPL before. Basically both sides must win all their games left, meaning the loser here is gone, and hope that the other sides lose all their games. Sunrisers Hyderabad have a much better chance than KKR because they have played one less game. Indeed in that sense, the chance of the Playoffs for KKR is already gone.

We all know that Sunrisers Hyderabad has a terrible season last year. They sacked their captain David Warner and seemingly had multiple issues in the dressing room. That created a lot of change which looked to be working earlier on in the tournament as they were sitting in the top four. They have gone on a four game losing run just at the worst time. That’s really set them back, and to be honest it looks like the season is over for them although like I said, there is a chance mathematically. Hyderabad have been poor recently though, and I’m not sure they are going to turn things around quickly. Kane Williamson is really struggling for form at the top of the order and that is setting the tone for the middle-order too.

The middle-order lacks a star to really grab the game and win it. They need a platform, and with Williamson struggling he just isn’t giving them that at the moment. They found themselves 2/1 inside the first over in their last game! With the KKR bowling being their strong point, that could spell trouble for Hyderabad here. Of course though KKR need to get their batting right – that’s always the big fear with them!


We’re back at Pune today and batting first has proven to be a big edge here recently. A few of the captains kept bowling first, but the side batting first has won the last six games here. 144/4 was successfully defend in the last game here, as Lucknow Super Giants who have been batting very well, could only manage 82 all out in the chase. KKR suffered when chasing here and so did Sunrisers Hyderabad, so I would suggest both captains will be keen to win the toss and bat first! Scoring wise it has been hit and miss, for example 144 has been defended twice in those six games but we’ve also saw a score of over 200 in the first innings too.


First thing to say here is I would keep stakes low for this one! We have seen how unreliable both of these sides are over the course of the tournament. Hyderabad are obviously on a bad run at the moment, and they really need more from Williamson at the top of the order. The issue with that is he’s against a very good bowling attack from KKR here, and if they can get their batting right then they will win here. I know relying on KKR’s batting has proven to be costly so far in this tournament but they were good against Mumbai this week and I feel they are worth a small bet at 1.85 or bigger.

The Edge Says:
One point win Kolkata Knight Riders to beat Sunrisers Hyderabad at 1.85 with BETDAQ Exchange.

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There’s a couple of points here to discuss, and hopefully everything lines up correctly. I’d be very keen to take on the Sunrisers Hyderabad batting line-up with the KKR bowling – especially the openers who have been in poor form. Ideally KKR will bat first and we can take them on in the second innings, because we know batting first provides an edge here. If Hyderabad do bat first, then I would greatly reduce stakes but I would still be keen to take on their openers because they have been in such poor form. The KKR batting probably needs the edge that conditions will give them to go well, so hopefully they do bat first.