ENGLAND v NEW ZEALAND: Our cricket tipster The Edge previews Thursday’s 2nd Test between England v New Zealand with a recommended BETDAQ bet.


It’s a ‘winner takes all’ Test on Thursday as we move to Edgbaston with England hoping to improve on the 1st Test. We might have had a draw at Lords, but New Zealand were always on top from the first day and in fairness a draw was all England could play for from early on. This Test was always going to be important given it’s only a two Test series, a side was either going for a win or a drawn series, but after a draw at Lords it makes this a massive game for both sides.

It’s great to see a bigger crowd return here too, with an increase to 70% capacity which is a massive jump from 25% at Lords. England have a number of issues coming into this Test. I know they were missing players in the 1st Test but they never looked like winning. They have off the field issues with the suspension of Ollie Robinson for Tweets when he was a teenager who have been brought to light after years. There’s no doubt what he said was wrong, but he probably shows any young sportsperson should delete their old social media when they reach the top.

Nevertheless, we should have an excellent Test match here. Even though we didn’t collect with our New Zealand bet in the 1st Test, the market has adjusted here to highlight we were right to take the value in the 1st Test. I would be surprised if England could turn things around so quickly as their batting looks light – that being said it only takes a massive score from Joe Root to correct that. Their middle order looks there for the taking though, and with the New Zealand bowlers in good form they can get the upper hand in this Test again.


The pitch at Edgbaston always produces good cricket. It’s very like Lords in the sense that Lords is often dominated by cloudy conditions, but we can have a seamer or a very flat pitch here too. Hopefully we don’t lose as many overs as we did in the 1st Test, with England fined 40% of their match fees for a slow overrate. From an England point of view, possibly understandable given they were playing for a draw – but it’s just not good enough for cricket fans to be that short changed every day. I would expect a proper Test cricket pitch for this game – something in it for the bowlers but also good for batting once you get in. I definitely wouldn’t rule out another draw – England’s bowlers didn’t fire in the 1st Test.


I’m not surprised to see England have moved out quite a bit here. They were odds on to win the 1st Test, and they are trading around 2.24 on BETDAQ Betting Exchange to win this Test. The draw is trading around 5.5, and given the bowling we saw in the 1st Test I’m also happy to have that on side here. New Zealand’s bowling was very good, but you have to remember they have the Test Championship coming up against India so it’s highly possible we will see some workload management here unless they have an excellent chance of winning. Even then, the bowlers won’t be bowled into the ground here in hot weather. The England attack will probably improve from the 1st Test, they have to, but I’m still keen to be against them and they are simply too short at the odds. I’m very happy to lay them.

The Edge Says:
Three points lay (liability) England to beat New Zealand at 2.24 with BETDAQ Betting Exchange

View the market here -> http://bit.ly/BDQEndNew2nd


I would be keen to see the teams before forming a plan – but obviously before the market goes in-play we will know the teams. I would be looking for some draws trades if the weather is nice and once the new ball is gone. I think once batters get in here we’ll see some big runs. That being said, the England middle order was pretty poor in the 1st Test and I would reduce stakes on them compared to the New Zealand batters who look in good form – but again you also have an issue with the New Zealand middle order if you look at their first innings! Perhaps the draw trade is better suited to the top order – get in and get out.

I’m keen to get against the England bowling at times too, not in cloudy conditions, but if batting conditions look good then they look worth taking on. Anderson and Broad are excellent, but they are getting older and they lacked support in the 1st Test. I expect to see some changes, but on paper I can’t see the changes making England a lot stronger. I feel the draw will trade pretty low here, and I wouldn’t be fully confident on it winning, but it’s definitely worth a trade and I’m also keen to be against England for most of the Test – their batting looks pretty weak on paper.