WEST INDIES v ENGLAND: Our cricket tipster The Edge previews the 2nd Test on Wednesday between WEST INDIES v ENGLAND with a recommended BETDAQ bet.


After a draw in the 1st Test at North Sound, West Indies and England move to Bridgetown in Barbados. It was nice to land our bet on BETDAQ Betting Exchange in the 1st Test at 4.8, although hopefully we see more drama in this Test. I have to say the 1st Test was a little boring, and there wasn’t too much worry for draw backers. I felt the draw would trade a lot shorter in-running over the first two innings and then hopefully us draw backers could hang on but it was pretty much plain sailing.

England are in big trouble in my view. Their bowling attack just wasn’t good enough in the 1st Test, and obviously the decision to leave out Anderson and Board is going to take all the headlines. It was always going to be a focus point when Mark Wood couldn’t bowl with an injury, but when news came out that he had to have an injection in his elbow before the Test started then the decision to leave out Anderson and Broad does look strange. I do feel for England though as they are stuck between a rock and a hard place – do you keep going with Anderson or Broad until they are simply too old or do you give the younger guys a chance now. It has to happen at some stage, and against the West Indies is an ideal time to try in fairness. After so many years of success, the England Test side are going through a rough patch and there will be tough times ahead over the next while.

For West Indies, they won’t have to change much. They have a better bowling attack going into this game, and they will be hoping for more life in the pitch. West Indies fans will say they got a little nervous on the final day but I don’t think the draw was ever in doubt. The big question here is, where do the wickets come from for England?


West Indies coach Phil Simmons asked for more home support after the 1st Test “felt like playing in Trent Bridge.” West Indies is always a popular tour for the England support, and Barbados will be no different really. West Indies just don’t have the support they once did, and hopefully we get a better wicket here. With Covid19, it’s been a while since we had a Test here. The last Test was actually England in 2019, West Indies won by 381 runs with England collapsing for 77 in their 1st innings. That was the 1st Test of that tour, and as we know England usually start slow. It’s pretty hard to know what type of pitch we get here given the break in cricket. This is a strong result venue though, with only two draws in the last 17 Tests here.


Given the England bowling, they are too short here for me at 2.0. Last Test I favoured the draw because that looked the value especially on the wicket with conditions expected, I think this will be more of a result wicket but given how toothless the England bowling looked in the 1st Test I wouldn’t be surprised if we did see a draw. However, I favour the England lay here over the draw to have the West Indies win on my side. I know England are the better side here in terms of quality, but this seems a good time to be against them with their bowling issues. I know West Indies can always collapse, but at the odds I’m happy to be against England.

The Edge Says:
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Scoring has been a little low in the last three Tests here, with low scores from Pakistan and England. That being said, it has been a while since we saw Test cricket here with Covid19. I feel the draw will certainly come into play here given the England attack looked poor in the 1st Test. You have to be a little careful given West Indies are always open to a collapse but I’m keen to take on this England bowling again. I want to see West Indies see off the new ball but other than that I’m happy to be against England when bowling. That’s the biggest edge I see here from an in-running point of view without seeing conditions. I would definitely go into this game with an open mind on the wicket, but remember it is a result venue historically.