PAT HEALY: This week Pat reacts to a busy few days of racing and gives his take on Cieran Fallon’s ban.

Galway Festival

So far it’s been a fantastic Galway Festival and I’m sure Michael Maloney and his team will be very happy. It’s been great weather, a fantastic atmosphere, and most importantly great racing so what more could you ask for? It was a fantastic Galway Plate win for Shark Hanlon and Jordan Gainford with Hewick. Everyone knows Shark, he’s one of if not the biggest characters in Irish racing and fair play to him. He’s been saying since Hewick’s win at Sandown that he’d win the Plate, and he has. He’s got his sights firmly set on the Kerry national at Listowel now, so we wish him luck with that.

Goodwood Festival

Stradivarius and Kyprios was an excellent contest and from my point of view I was delighted that we had an Irish winner. Baaeed cemented his place as the world’s best racehorse as well, and I can’t imagine how good that must be for Jim Crowley to have the ride. Hopefully I’ll get a glimpse of him at York in a few weeks’ time because it’s such a thrill to see these superstars.

Fallon ban

I was shocked to hear young Cieren Fallon get a two day ban at Goodwood from the stewards this week. I think the decision is just stupid, as simple as that. Where does the BHA stand on jockeys getting sworn at when they walk back in after getting beaten? Do they ban those racegoers for a couple of days? It’s a joke. Jockeys are professional sportsmen performing on the biggest stage and emotions flow when doing battle. So what if Fallon was swearing? He’s entitled to swear, and he’s entitled to get it back. It’s wrong and I hope he appeals it.

Kerry win

It was a fantastic win against Galway last weekend and a real privilege to be at Croke Park to watch David Clifford and Shane Walsh for Kerry who both put on magnificent performances and they are two of the best players in the country. It’s great as a Kerryman to see the success and please God may this be the start of something special for this young team.