Six Tips For Trading Horse Racing In-Running: Have you ever watched a race live and thought “I seen that one coming?” Well, the price might not have reflected your confidence at the time! There is a tonne of edges when trading in-running, but you have to be well prepared and a good race reader to find them.

With that in mind and some big priced winners matched in-running on BETDAQ, let’s run through some helpful tips to improve your trading in-running:

1️⃣  Study The Form

Knowledge is power as they say. In-running traders don’t study form as normal racing fans would. They are looking for slow starters and fast finishers. Perhaps they are trying to find that horse with a flat spot that trades high in-running but storms home to win. Big Bucks and Altior are two classic examples when they usually traded bigger than their starting price in-running only to go on to win easily.

Running style of horses creates so many edges in-running. What you should be looking for is running style, front runners, hold-up horses, do certain horses respond better for pressure than others, do they need a fast pace or do they weaken.

Imagine finding a weak finisher who hits the front a furlong from home and it’s trading 1.2 in-running; the others are closing and you know the leader won’t hold on. Wouldn’t that 1.2 be a fantastic lay? The same can be said about a strong finisher who hits big odds in-running. When you’re studying form to trade in-running, you’re not looking to find the winner of the race – just the edges from running styles.

2️⃣ Study The Jockeys

This fits hand in hand with the first point. Different jockeys have different styles; that is obvious. But how do you use these styles to your advantage? Kieren Fallon is a great example of a jockey who liked to nudge his rides along without applying too much pressure. To the un-trained eye this could look like the horse was struggling to go at the current pace, but race readers always knew that was Fallon’s style – he liked to nudge them along before getting into full flow.

Jamie Spencer always loved riding hold-up horses, along with Paul Carberry over the jumps. These jockeys always looked stylish, but you could never know what they had under them. Remember Harchibald at Cheltenham! These jockeys are almost like swans in the sense that they look motionless but they are applying an incredible amount of pressure with their legs so the horse knows to go forward. The reason why this could be an edge in-running is that you could have two horses under “pressure,” but it looks like only one of them is and the other is traveling well – when that might not be the case at all.

3️⃣ Use One Click Betting

If you’re going to place trades in-running on horse racing, you have to have one click betting. Speed will be a big advantage for getting your bets in and out of the market as so much happens so quickly up the final straight. Imagine trading that Harchibald Champion Hurdle in-running!

Speed of your equipment is very important too, make sure your laptop can cope with an API updating quickly. If you want more information on one click betting then visit the Betdaq Pro site.

4️⃣ Be Aware Of The Time Delay

Before you commit to trading a race in-running, make sure you know how far behind live the pictures you are watching are. The live stream on BETDAQ will be the fastest option, and then you will have the likes of Racing TV and At The Races behind or at least equal to that, and then when the racing is on ITV that will be further behind live.

People will be trading in-running live from the track and have fast WiFi at home to get the fastest pictures so make sure you have a fast internet connection and a good laptop to be able to run the stream. Also, be aware when the right time is to take your money out of the market when you are too far behind live.

5️⃣ Remain Calm At All Times

Horse Racing is a sport that moves quickly and the market moves quickly too! It can be easy to get a little fried when looking at all the moves but if you are calm and focused it’s easier to spot the edges. It takes time to get used to trading in-running on horse racing and you have to make fast decisions. A clear head is definitely needed along with one click betting!

There will be professional traders in the market who focus solely on trading in-running. If you start slowly, don’t beat yourself up about it. It takes time and once you are making progress at the start that’s all that matters.

6️⃣ Have A Plan

Lastly, make sure you have a plan. Having a plan can fit all five of the above tips together and then you can get in the zone faster! Embrace the big swings in the market, and know what horses are more likely to make those moves. If you have a list of front runners then you are obviously ready for those prices to move. Once you have one click betting and are aware of the time delay, you’re just waiting for the right price movements.