THE BETDAQ PUNTER returns with his usual mix of looking back on the highs and lows of his betting week on BETDAQ and looking forward to this weekend.

Our intrepid BETDAQ PUNTER has a bet in the football and racing.

So how did his punting week and systems fare last week ?


Eagerly awaiting Ascot (a couple of afternoons off are in order and a second mortgage so I can afford to go to the bar), but before then I am as concerned with increasing my bank as ever, though who ever knows what the future holds? AS mentioned last week I am convinced there is money to be made in the World Cup qualifiers (at least we know they are serious), and today proved my point. I confess – I had a larger than normal bet at odds of 1.98 on Libya to beat Togo which may not be the highest quality football you will ever see, but there was the required gap in FIFA rankings for my “system”, and the home team duly obliged 2-0, so thank you BETDAQ layers for being so generous. Earlier in the day I had another go at the horses as in laying the odds on but it wasn’t my day, with five winners at BETDAQ odds of 2.0 (four times) and 1.5 more than outweighing the two losers, leaving me sulking until the football score came in!


Part one of my football jamboree saw a long list of World Cup qualifiers from Africa as listed here last week so the bets were placed and I sat back like a fanatic staring at the computer screen waiting for scores to come in, good or bad. Five games with what I would call “sensible” stakes were all we had as far as qualifiers were concerned (remember – ten places higher or more in the FIFA rankings?), which eventually resulted in three winners at BETDAQ odds of 2.71, 1.4, and 1.3 for a small but enjoyable profit – and a good excuse to watch some of the football. Greyhounds were back on my radar as well so I chased a few favourites at both Romford and Catford but boy did I get lucky! Romford did not see a single favourite get to the front where it matters in the first eight races which would have really hurt, but at Romford we had a co favourite of three win the first at 10.30am which may have only made pennies, but meant I came to an end as per my “stop at a winner” rules. New e mails advertising some tipping service or other told me to back the British Lions and as I don’t understand Rugby, the price was way too short to even consider – even I can tip odds on shots like that thank you very much! More than enough punting excitement for one day so I sat back to watch the English Open pool on the old live streaming on my tablet though sadly non one (even BETDAQ), seems interested in laying some odds.


My quiet Sunday was ruined with ten football bets in Africa to work on, and I was cheeky enough to get in early and request a fraction bigger price with most of them accepted as I stole the fractions. Six winners and four losers sounds good but I need to work out some staking plan as the odds left me with a loss on the day – nothing too earth shattering but a close to one point loss failed to cheer me up ahead of Royal Ascot – two days away and counting.


Always the dullest days racing of the year as we await the top class (unfathomable but so what) racing that fills the rest of the week. Laying odds on reared its ugly head again as one of the few ideas I could think of to be fair, and with four losers out of four the BETDAQ pot was back to full strength ahead of the war with the layers starting tomorrow. Other sports have pretty much been consigned to the back burner for a while and I retired early to look at (but not really understand) the Ascot form.


Driving to Ascot was a nightmare as was the entry fee but it is the best flat racing in the World bar none, and worth a trip now and then. I have red as much as my little brain can even attempt to take in and would suggest that between the various tipsters (papers, website, BETDAQ, people “in the know”), they had pretty much every runner covered all afternoon! Tablet in hand it’s a big bonus watching the odds and looking at the horses – then taking the best prices with BETDAQ to increase my chances. Right and wrong in the opener saw me ignore (but not lay) favourite Animal Kingdom, though my each way bet on Elusive Kate failed to pay off when she seemed to run out of puff to miss the places by one – story of my life. Being smart I watched all the other races except one when I had a decent punt on Dawn Approach who was the talk of the bars. 2.4 was taken to larger amounts than I would like to admit, and I aged about ten years as he flashed past the post with Toronado though the photo went my way and my day was complete thanks!


Today I went by train but with the price of on course drinks I wish I hadn’t bothered! Everyone I know was texting me to tell me what would win what race but who exactly do I believe I wonder? First race saw me backing runner up Montiridge (to win, obviously), at BETDAQ odds of 9.2 as well, closely followed by third placed Dank at 4.7 in a straight toss up with winner Duntle (4.5) who I stupidly left alone. Life wasn’t all bad though, as I could see no reason why Camelot would beat Al Kazeem and so it proved as he won in another photo finish at odds of 3.85 to pay back all my losses – and then some. Running in to the chauffeur of Lady Rothschild meant I felt obliged to back Trade Commissioner in the next (16.5 with BETDAQ but still running), but after running in to Angus Loughran (Statto off the TV) and asking him for a tip, I did back Rizeena in the next (7.5) and a nowhere in the last for a profitable day overall.


Not my day – simple as that! After bragging about my successes yesterday I suppose I had it coming but that doesn’t make it any better. I did back American raider No Nay Never early in the day at 6.2 and he won impressively, but after that it was more a case of what could have been. Riposte was left alone for no particular reason (Won 5.7), Estimate was my tip for the Gold Cup yet the odds of 4.7 were too short in my book so I let her win unbacked, and I backed Wentworth (I got 5.0) who really should have won given a more positive ride by Richard Hughes. Deciding that the Gosden horses were out of sorts I then joined the dark side and put in some lay bets for Remote at 3.5 only to watch him come with a late rattle, with my mouth wide open – one of those days I suppose?

Bet of the week – Al Kazeem -the obvious winner in my book and backed accordingly at BETDAQ odds of 3.85.
Disaster of the week – laying Remote at 3.5 – why oh why do I think I know best when I clearly don’t?

Something for the weekend:
With Royal Ascot still running I feel the need to start with the horses though it certainly isn’t easy. On Saturday we have all read that Richard Hughes thinks Bunker is his best chance at the meeting, but as everything else has gone wrong so far (as I write), that may not mean much so he can run unbacked. I do wonder if the tricky to spell Rosdhu Queen could give him a winner at a bigger price (22.0 to win 6.5 the place or thereabouts) in the Jubilee Stakes at 3,45pm. She was very smart as a two year old and went in to winter quarters strongly fancied for the 1000 Guineas, but she failed to stay the seventh furlong in her trial and has been waiting for this ever since. The William Haggas yard look to be in good form of late, and at the price and receiving weight as a three year old and as a filly, she looks worth a small interest.

Football continues post season and we look likely to get a cracker when Italy play Brazil in the Confederations Cup Saturday, and at 1.66 I am with the home team. They have finally started to look like the Brazil of old and in that sort of rampaging form they really ought to win with something in hand. Finally, and sticking to my rankings principle, do add Angola to win in Swaziland and Algeria to see off Libya – though no odds are available at the time of writing.

This week’s suggested bets (all prices with BETDAQ and correct at the time of writing):

Horse Racing Saturday
1pt Win one point place Rosdhu Queen 3.45pm Royal Ascot Saturday (22.0 the win 6.5 the place)

Football this weekend
2pts Brazil to beat Italy Confederations Cup at 1.65

1pt Angola to beat Swaziland
1pt Algeria to beat Libya

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