Wednesday 28 March

MULTIMAN has a dilemma today. A Bayern Munich win will land a double and a treble for a net profit of 61.18 points. But can I be brave enough not to take insurance ?

It hasn’t been a good month – you can see that from the P&L below and having shown a profit in January and February, I’m naturally keen for that profit run to continue in 2012. I’m now in a position where a win for Bayern Munich tonight will get the monthly figure back in the black.

It was the second leg of my double on Monday (Man U winning the first leg) and yesterday I put up a treble at BETDAQ MULTIPLE odds of 7.74 on Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The first two won last night so it’s all on Bayern Munich.

I’ve been in this position before – thinking the hard work is done and now it’s just a case of settling back for, let’s say a 3-1 victory. But it’s never that easy and the beauty of BETDAQ and BETDAQ MULTIPLES is you can play the markets against each other.

It’s the betting equivalent of Deal Or No Deal. We can give you THIS now, or you can play on and win more. What do you do?

The answer is that there isn’t an answer. It varies person to person and a lot comes down to money management. It’s hugely tempting to let the bet run, but also irresponsible as if Bayern don’t win it increases the monthly losses by a further 14 points (8 from the treble and 6 from the double) and that’s not a smart move.

We can lay Bayern at around 1.86 on BETDAQ so I’ll be laying for 30 points for an exposure of 25.8 points.

So if BAYERN win……
Double and treble landed +61.18 points less 25.8 losing lay = NET PROFIT of 35.38 points

If BAYERN don’t win…….
Loss of 14 points on double and treble plus 30 points from winning lay = NET PROFIT of 16.00 points

It’s a formula that might not work for everyone but the answer to my dilemma.

LAY BAYERN MUNICH FOR 30 points at around 1.86 to protect Tuesday’s treble (below) and Monday’s double (see archive)

March: -46.27 points

(Shows returns based on the recommended stakes and BETDAQ MULTIPLE quotes at the time of writing)


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